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At Inventas, designers and engineers work together to solve problems that matter

Caring, smart and profitable!

Inventas is a consulting company that design and develops profitable and meaningful products and services together with our clients.

In Inventas we emphasize a sound process and the ability to implement results. As designers and product developers we wish to create enthusiasm amongst our clients, their customers and not least the end users.

Our measure of success is when our clients succeed with their social mission, or with winning a position in their market, based on services and products we have helped to create.

The company

Inventas AS was founded in 1997 and have its roots from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. The company has since grown organically, from five to more than sixty employees today.

Our operations are run in six regional offices, as well as in one associated company. The company's management is based in Trondheim.

Inventas have three specialist competence centres: 

In addition we have business areas within innovation and manufacturing: 

Inventas retains its close connection to NTNU and draws on the expertise available in the related R&D institutions. 

The business is led by the principles of triple bottom line; our operations are to be profitable, developing and meaningful.

Inventas Innovation Journey

Would you like to work with us?

We are always interested in getting in touch with passionate designers and product developers.

Open applications can be sent with CV, relevant certificates and portfolio to: soknad@inventas.no

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Working in Inventas

We emphasize professional strength, experience and suitability for the consulting profession, including being outgoing, independent and collaborative. You must enjoy working with others, be able to involve your colleagues in your assignments, respect them, and be willing to share your knowledge into projects of others. You are ambitious and require a lot of yourself, like we and our customers do.


Inventas is collaborating with third party on assignments and the guidance of master degree students. A thesis in a project together with us and our customers can be the road to a lasting employment.

We need graduates with different backgrounds. Most of Inventas has a master's degree in design or product development. We emphasize academic achievement, but are equally committed to building an innovation culture where commitment, openness and inclusion are key.