08.03.19 / Oslo

We have moved - to Oslo's new innovation house

Tordenskioldsgate 8-10 is the address for Oslo's most complete design and development environment. Inventas has moved in together with Acando in the center of Oslo and gathered all the expertise under one roof.

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New managing director of Inventas

Ove Pryde Pettersen takes over as Managing Director of Inventas from 1 January. We also thank Einar Kolderup Selvig, who has been the founder and CEO of Inventas since its inception in 1997.

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Vi støtter TV-aksjonen og Kirkens Bymisjons arbeid

TV-aksjonen 2018 går til Kirkens Bymisjons arbeid for å skape etvarmere og mer inkluderende samfunn. Aksjonen går til å skaffe mennesker som opplever å stå utenfor, et nytt fellesskap, en seng eller en samtale.

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Acando acquires Inventas

The technology and design company Acando aquires 100% of the shares in Inventas. Will create a wide and unique innovation and design environment in the Norwegian market.

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I grenselandet for hva som er teknologisk mulig

Inventas jobber med mange medisinteknologiske prosjekter som er helt i grenselandet for hva som er teknologisk mulig. Design av stiftemaskinen Koppler er ett av dem.

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New charging stations are spreading across the country

If you are planning a car holiday in Norway in an electric vehicle, you no longer need to fear running out of power. Røros Produkter and Grønn Kontakt together with Inventas have developed a new fast-charging station that will provide a better charging experience for motorists.

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Moelven Modus and Inventas will design the future office solution

Our workday will be undergoing major changes in the coming years. Moelven Modus has signed a cooperation agreement with Inventas for assistance in designing the future office solution.

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Will be leading our initiative on sustainability

Is it really possible to both contribute towards sustainability goals while simultaneously pursuing profitable business? Erik Sælen, who is our new man in the field, definitely believes the answer is yes.

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Vi sponser fremtidens teknologiutviklere

Hell Robotics er en gruppe elever som er lidenskapelig opptatt av teknologi. Som det første norske laget noensinne skal de konkurrere mot deltakere fra hele verden på FIRST Robotics Competition som holdes i Tyrkia i mars.

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Design award to Staaker's autonomous drone

We congratulate Staaker on the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture that was awarded in Oslo yesterday.

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Innovasjonsmidler til mer næringsrettet forskning

Bedrifter er stadig mindre villige til å være med på langtrekkende forskningsprosjekter, mens behovet for rask omstilling og innovasjon er sterkt økende. Nå skal Møreforskning bruke designkompetansen til Inventas for å utvikle en ny strategi for markedstilpassede forskningstjenester.

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We congratulate Cisco Systems with the “Red Dot: Best of the Best”

This year’s Red Dot Design Award was celebrated in Essen, Germany last night. We congratulate Cisco Systems with the “Best of the Best” trophy for Cisco Spark Board and the awards for the other products in the series.

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MovieMask receives international design award

Just a few months after the launch, MovieMask has received international recognition – winning a Red Dot Award for outstanding design among thousands of products from all over the world.

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Successful demo of world’s first subsea snake-like robot

The underwater robotics company Eelume AS has successfully built and demonstrated their snake-like underwater robot, constructed for offshore operations.

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06.02.17 / Oslo

We've moved to new premises in Oslo

This weekend we've worked on getting up to speed in our new office space, located by Akerselva in central Oslo. Here are some good reasons to stop by.

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Three new design-driven innovation projects

This year's kick-off for The Design Innovation Program (DIP) was held at the Norwegian Design and Architecture center (DOGA). Inventas participated in three different projects, all of which aim to create innovative products and services tailored for users' actual needs.

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Theater experience with your mobile phone

MovieMask er en skjermbrille som gir deg kinoopplevelse på mobiltelefonen. Rask prototyping og myke taktile materialer har stått sentralt i utviklingen. Nå er produktet lansert på Kickstarter der gründerne allerede i løpet av noen timer samlet nok kapital til å starte produksjonen.

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Rolls-Royce lanserer ny kran for oppgaver på dypt vann

New, lighter crane for great depths was launched by Rolls-Royce on the ONS. The crane uses interlaced fiber rope instead of steel wire. This means that lifts at 2500 meters depth can now be done by a crane of 250 tons. In the past a 400 ton crane was the minimum.

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Subsea award to Eelumes snake robot

Eelumes newly developped sanke robot got awarded with "Subsea Upcoming Company of the Year" price by GCE Subsea. Price was handed out at Underwater Technology Conference 2016 in Bergen this week.

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Free design help for ten winners

Inventas invited in the time span of 18th of November to 4th of December inventors around the country, together with good partners, to submit ideas into competition to get free help for idea development together with expert designers and innovators. The response has been good and this year potential has been especially high, even so that it has been challenging to pick up the top ten.

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