How to send an invoice to Inventas

To ensure correct processing and timely payment, it is important that our guidelines are followed.

General requirements

Regardless of sending alternative:

  • Only invoices and credit notes with required attachments should be sent to the invoice address.
  • Other documents such as order confirmations, requisitions, contracts, advertisements, deliveries, etc. must be sent to our business / delivery / e-mail addresses. See our contact page for details.
  • All invoices must be marked with the name of the purchaser and reference to our project number.

Our units

Please note which unit is to be billed / credited. Inventas AS applies to all our departments, except Inventas Kristiansand AS and Inventas Fab AS, which are their own legal entities.

To ensure efficient processing and reduce mail volume, we prefer to receive invoices as described in options 1 and 2 below.

Contact the purchaser or our accounting manager if you have any questions.

1. EHF Invoice

Inventas is ELMA registered for receiving electronic invoices in the standard format EHF - Electronic Trading Format and requests that you issue invoices to us on the EHF format.

Our organization numbers are:

Inventas AS
Org. No. 992466111

Inventas Kristiansand AS
Org. No. 998507863

Inventas Fab AS
Org. No. 917649359

2. E-mail receipt of invoices

If you do not have the opportunity to send us invoices in the EHF format, we request all invoices / credit notes to be sent by e-mail to the following addresses:

Inventas AS

Inventas Kristiansand AS

Inventas Fab AS

Prerequisites for using e-mail reception

  1. Each file (attachment) to the e-mail must contain one (1) invoice plus any specification to the invoice.
  2. Specification in separate attachment will be treated as a separate document and will not be combined with the invoice upon interpretation.
  3. Attachments containing multiple invoices will be treated as one (1) appendix.
  4. Attachment filenames must not contain special characters or æ/ø/å.
  5. The attachment file type must be .pdf or .tif. Other file formats are not approved.
  6. E-mails with link to invoice will not be processed.
  7. It is not possible to merge multiple files into a .zip file
  8. Maximum attachment size is 15 MB.

3. Postal address for physical invoices

If you do not have the opportunity to send invoices by EHF or e-mail, use the following billing addresses:

Inventas AS
c/o Fakturamottak, Postboks 4523, NO-8608 Mo i Rana, Norway

Inventas Kristiansand AS
Kongensgate 29, NO-4610 Kristiansand, Norway

Inventas Fab AS
c/o Fakturamottak, Postboks 4523, NO-8608 Mo i Rana, Norway