Will be leading our initiative on sustainability

Is it really possible to both contribute towards sustainability goals while simultaneously pursuing profitable business?

Erik Sælen in Inventas believes the answer definitely is yes.

We have hired Erik Sælen to lead our initiative in this field. Over the recent years he has worked with the theme through his work in the consulting company Ouroboros and SINTEF. He has a strong desire to help companies find new ways for business opportunities and innovation by consciously focusing on the UN's sustainability goals.

Inventas wants to put greater focus on the subject with our own sustainability initiative. Erik tells us that goal for Inventas is twofold:

  • Helping our customers strengthen their operations and meet their challenges in a more sustainable manner
  • Focusing more on how our knowledge and experience from design and product development can solve local and global sustainability challenges.

Several good examples

There are many examples of how companies have generated new ventures by combining sustainability with business. Inventas is proud to have contributed to, among other things, the electrification of the Flakk - Rørvik ferry route for Siemens and the development of concepts for collecting fish slurry from aquaculture cages for Blom Fiskeoppdrett. And we hope to do even more in the future.

Offers free workshop

Are you interested in finding out what your company can gain, or do you want to know more about our initiative in general? Then we would like to hear from you. 

Inventas has also created a program for workshops with a focus on how companies can generate business value through greater focus on the UN sustainability goals. We now wish to offer a free 4-hour workshop for up to three companies which, in our opinion, have great opportunities to gain value. Get in touch with Erik to know more on what we can offer.