Inventas is purchased by the employees of the company

The employees in Inventas has aquired all the shares in the company from CGI Norge AS, and we are now continuing our further development as an independent Norwegian company.

Inventas is Norway's leading service provider in industrial product development, with a presence in all the largest cities in Norway. Since 2019, the company has been wholly owned by Canadian CGI.

CGI has provided Inventas with a solid international contact network and helped to build on Inventas' ambitions to offer development services at the interface between the physical and the digital. When employees now take over the company, it is with the ambition to continue the good cooperation between the companies.

Rapid development

Inventas has been in rapid development in recent years, and currently consists of 120 specialists in design, product development and embedded systems.

In 2019, the company merged with Bitvis AS in Asker, one of Norway's leading companies in embedded software and FPGA, and Itch Design AS in Oslo, a design agency specialized in digital user experiences.

We are now in the process of hiring more employees across the country to develop the company further.

2 out of 3 become shareholders

The possibility of purchasing the company was positively received by the employees, and more than 2 out of 3 is now entering as shareholders in the company.

- The fact that so many people choose to buy shares is very positive for us. It is especially gratifying with such a large participation in a time of great turbulence in the market and the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. I am convinced that co-ownership is a strong motivating factor for many and that it creates greater commitment, says Managing Director in Inventas, Ove Pryde Pettersen

A complete service provider

Modern product development requires a completely different combination of expertise than before, and if you want to be successful, you must be able to develop the physical, electronics and digital part of a product together.

On top of this, today's competitive picture requires that one must have the right business model, the right services and the right supply chain around the product to achieve success. Inventas has worked systematically for many years to build competence around this complexity.

- Product development in 2020 is not for amateurs. We find that our customers really starting to see the benefits of having a partner who is able to integrate all the competencies span from design, to physical products for the electronics and embedded development. This is a combination that is unique in both a Norwegian and international context, says Pryde Pettersen