New managing director of Inventas

Ove Pryde Pettersen takes over as Managing Director of Inventas from 1 January. We also thank Einar Kolderup Selvig, who has been the founder and CEO of Inventas since its inception in 1997.

Ove Pryde Pettersen comes from the position of manager of Inventas Smartlab. Inventas is part of Acando, and Ove will also become division director for Acando Tech.

Einar Selvig wishes Ove the very best and good luck in the new position:

It is with contentment that I now hand over the key to an incredibly vigorous and well-positioned company to Ove Pryde Pettersen, who I'm sure, in the best way, will lead the business towards new growth, exciting and meaningful tasks. Our customers and employees will find Ove as an energetic, ambitious and knowledgeable leader, says Selvig.

As general manager, Einar has taken Inventas from being a small engineering office specialised in 3D modeling to being one of the leading design agencies in Norway, says Ove Pryde Pettersen:

When we now enter a new phase for Inventas, is it with great humility I take over this baton.

Inventas is now part of Acando, and in addition to continuing to deliver award-winning product development and design services to our customers, Inventas will develop further within the tech segment with focus on smart products, robotisation and digitisation.

Getting the opportunity to develop this initiative together with good colleagues is a unique opportunity I really look forward to, says Ove Pryde Pettersen.

For moe information - get in touch with Ove on tel: 412 11 721 or email: