Revolutionising diagnosis of sleep apnea

Spiro Medical AS has developed a new, revolutionary recording equipment to conduct complete automated diagnosis of sleep apnea to identify an optimum treatment pathway.

Sleep apnea is disordered breathing caused by throat tending to collapse when muscles relax during sleep making it difficult to breath. It occurs with a frequency of up to 20% in the age group 18-68 years, and in pronounced cases serious sequelae such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, hormonal changes may appear. In early stages pronounced snoring, poor sleep quality, increased fatigue and headache are common. Correct diagnosis of sleeping patterns are essential when selecting the right form of therapy.

Spiro Medical has worked with new developments of technology for this purpose for many years, and has now been able to launch ApneaGraph® Spiro as the first product in the world that gives a correct overall diagnosis of the disease, after a defined international standard. The product is using newly developed advanced micro pressure-sensor technology for registrations in the respiratory passages and oesophagus, as well as newly developed algorithms for the detection of increased Respiratory Effort leading to unconscious micro-awakenings, called Arousals.

Inventas has been a key partner in the development of this breakthrough technology, which provides clear therapeutic guidelines and is expected to be adopted worldwide.