"The Welfare Marketplace"

Bærum municipality uses service design to help more elderly people to live longer at home. Now residents can learn more about the welfare technology and the opportunities it brings.

Along with Inventas municipality has developed "The Welfare Marketplace", a venue where one can learn more about the welfare technology in a way that is tailored to meet users' needs. Residents’ can come here with ideas and feedback to the technology providers.

To meet the challenges of aging population, it is important that everyone get good information about what they can do themself. Welfare technology is rapidly growing and includes wide variety of products and services that can improve and simplify people's everyday lives. Typical solutions are to install sensors and to facilitate the tasks doable at home. Lately, digital solutions for tablets and smart phones have become more and more relevant.

Users and vendors have participated in the project through focus groups, which have given new input on how the solution could look like. Welfare square must first be a physical meeting place and on the side can also be a digital solution that will be available for providers, consumers and other municipalities.