BruCon thruster system

Brunvoll provides thrusters and control systems for ships to customers worldwide. BruCon is their 4th generation control system for maneuvering, positioning and propulsion, and was launched in 2015.

The development of the control system has been a huge and pervasive effort. For Brunvoll it was important to stay ahead with the development of their system because it is a crucial part of a reliable and service-friendly solution.

A ship bridge is full of technical equipment from different vendors. Brunvoll wanted to develop a control panel that was functional, space-saving, installation-friendly and reliable.

The control system was changed from PLC-control to a digital solution, which made possible to replace the bulky and complex switch panel with a touch screen. A screen-based solution gives the user better access to the main functions, while the less important ones can be hidden.

A thorough design process

Control levers to azimuth- and tunnel thrusters underwent a thorough design process in order to safeguard both ergonomic and functional design, not to mention good recognisability for Brunvoll on the bridge.

Inventas' task was to ensure usability and design identity, through the physical design of the handles and control panel, and the graphical user interface for the screens. We also participated in assessing production methods and find appropriate suppliers and partners for production. All in close cooperation with Brunvoll its internal development department.

Along with Brunvoll we focused on development in close cooperation with users. The methods used were interviews and testing of solutions at various levels, from cardboard models of functional prototypes.

The most visible result is on the bridge, where the online solution is both more user friendly and takes up less space. The system provides new functionality, it is easier to configure for different needs and it is easier to conduct service and upgrades.