The simplest way to produce face shields

The product designers at Inventas have created an infection protection visor that does not depend on 3d printers.

Smart design

Our goal has been to create a visor that can be made in hundreds of thousands of copies, fast and worldwide. One piece of cut plastic and an elastic headband is enough to provide much needed protection to the world's health professionals. The result is a visor that is cheap, very comfortable to wear, light and adjustable and does not require advanced equipment to produce. And now we are making it available to everyone, as part of our voluntary efforts to combat the spread of the corona virus.

Utilises available capacity in business

Inventas is one of Norway's largest product design agencies. We are used to working with health products, but the corona situation and the development pace it requires are new to us all. Yet, we see that our way of solving design challenges works well in such a context. Limited resources or strict requirements for solutions are often a source for innovation, which is well exemplified by this visor.

Here, the challenge was to find the easiest way to produce thousands of face shields anywhere, and preferably using capacity that has been unleashed by the economic crisis we are seeing. For example, our design can be made by printing companies, an industry that now has a lot of available capacity to quickly produce tens of thousands of face shields for the health care system. Avoiding 3d printing avoids the biggest bottleneck for fast production.

Can be made locally all over the world

Our goal has been to create a solution that can be made anywhere in the world, in places that do not have access to the same production facilities as we have in industrialised contries. The visor consists of only two simple components that are both accessible and affordable to obtain. Production is so simple that you do not need any special training to make them.

This cheap and easy to mass-produce face shield can also be a solution for businesses that depend on close contact with their customers, such as hairdressers or dentists, etc.

Contribute to make them!

You can download templates and assembly instructions here:

The visors' plastic sheet measures 32,0 x 25,4 cm. We recommend cutting the visor from 0,5 mm thick, clear PETG plastic. Other plastics and thicknesses can be used, but this might require modifications to the cutting pattern. In addition you need an elastic band, preferrably 4 to 5 cm wide and 75 cm long.

This work is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you have any questions, please contact us!