Blaaster wind turbine

Where others only saw problems, Blaaster saw opportunities. Together with Inventas Blaaster has developed a modular, robust wind turbine that is easy to transport, install and maintain, and which can supply 700 Norwegian households.

When staring with the new wind turbine, Blaaster went back to square one. All the duties of wind turbine were researched and systemized before they could build the new turbine optimally. Inventas worked with the project for two years and gained deep understanding on how the whole ecosystem around wind turbines works.

The solution

The new Blaaster wind turbines are made of modules that are inexpensive to manufacture, and can be transported on normal roads and be installed without any significant environmental impact.

The 3 megawatt turbine uses gearless technology enabling more stable and less expensive operation. Many features are embedded in the supporting structure, which reduces the number of parts significantly, and typically vulnerable components were removed or replaced to reduce the need for maintenance. The power electronics that is necessary to transform the electricity for the power grid has been moved down at ground level. This provides better access and saves both space and weight in the tower.


The first prototype was ready for testing on Valneset test center on the coast of Trøndelag in 2012. After complete testing and certification of the demonstration turbine, series production of the turbines followed in 2013. Now Blaaster in building its global network of sales and production of the new wind turbines.

The wind turbine received the Award for Design Excellence and was nominated for the prestigious Honors Award for Design Excellence, awarded by the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. From the jury statement:

«The modularized solution, with parts that can be transported individually on normal roads, is an innovative giant leap. The designers have analyzed and solved an industry problem of getting windmills in place. The project exemplifies how designers can be used in a new market. Windmills that dominate the landscape must carry good shape, in which the designers have managed well, despite a very limited area of freedom. Blaaster is an example of how one can think design in large formats and in new markets.»