A different type of hairdryer

Dual Air is a hairdryer with patented two directional airflow solution. It reduces neck and shoulder strains whilst blow drying hair and improves the ergonomics both at professional context and at home.

Inventas has been a key partner to develop Dual Air and it actually is the first hairdryer to come with effortless touch buttons and a high performance, long lasting, AC motor made in Italy. Simplicity and functionality together with proper ergonomics, provides new, pleasant user experience.

About the product

Dual Air is full of patented technology and is manufactured in Norway. The optimized ionized drying technology ensures an even heating and lower power consumption. The hair dryer’s sound volume and frequency have been optimized for a more pleasant experience for the ears.

The handle is designed to guarantee an effortless grip in all positions. The hair dryer lies balanced in the hand and follows the arm’s movements comfortably. The nozzle can easily be adjusted to ensure the airflow always follows the hairbrush during blow-drying. The touch panel is intuitive and easy to use and gives full control with a gentle touch.