Tool for extraction of foreign objects from the stomach

Intentional foreign body ingestion is quite common and a challenge. Khoral is a novel tool facilitating fast, safe and simple extraction of large ingested objects.

The behavior of foreign body ingestion is most commonly seen in adult patients with psychiatric disorders and often in a repeated manner and in children who accidentally swallow foreign bodies. The ingested objects are typically batteries, razor blades and cutlery.

The obvious first line treatment is to extract the foreign body endoscopically as efficiently as possible. Existing tools suited for extraction of large objects from the stomach and esophagus are limited, thus complicating the procedure.

Khoral is a novel tool facilitating fast and simple extraction of these kind of objects. Khoral will make the procedure easier, faster and reduce the risk for complications. In front of the gastroscope, two small round slices are mounted, these serve as a pinch that shields the sharp object, whether it is the tip of a steak knife or the roofs on a fork. This way the object can be pulled through the esophagus without any damage.

The project is run in close cooperation with surgeons at St. Olavs Hosptial and business developers at NTNU Technology Transfer.