Innovation Workshop with municipaliemployees

Many of the challenges in society are interwoven; several actors are needed to identify needs and to find good, innovative solutions. Inventas has therefore developed a workshop focusing on innovation in the service sector.

In cooperation with KS, InnoMed and IPark were municipalities in Rogaland invited to a workshop to learn about innovation processes. Inventas facilitated and led the municipal employees to new insights, how to work to identify user needs and how - disciplines, institutions and entities - together can create better and more coherent services to citizens.

Identifying complex needs

Seven municipalities attended the workshop, which was based on a real example of a society tangle. The example involved a number of municipal services, and demonstrated the complexity of needs, from health care, educational and support services, to leisure activities, friends and family. The workshop was organized so that participants were given specific tasks. Along the way everybody had a change to practice with each other, with a particular focus on identifying the different needs, rather than thinking solutions and draw early conclusions. 

Efficiency and collaboration

Participants from very different backgrounds were put together into groups. The experience to relate to others from completely different standpoint was completely new for many of them. New and unfamiliar was also to put the efficiency in main focus. Intensive program consisted of 2-5 minute intervals where seconds were counted down on the big screen. Although the system was demanding, participants were pleasantly surprised on how much they could achieve and how many topics they had worked throughout during the workshop the days.

Workshop feedback, after the implementation, has been entirely positive and several participants have already used the methods in their own project.