Measurement and quantification of circulatory failure

ODI Medical is developing technology for bedside measurement and quantification of circulatory failure based on assessment of microcirculation.

The Oxygen Delivery Index™, may be used for a wide range of clinical applications such as monitoring patients on mechanical heart and lung machines, evaluation of toxicity of chemotherapy, early detection of evolving sepsis, monitoring of chronic wounds, and mass screening of conditions such as Ebola, bird flu or endemic meningitis. 

The ODI technology consists of two main technological platforms:

The Microvascular Laboratory™, mLab™

Capturing microvascular data bed side

The Central Laboratory, cLab™

Analysis and assessment of the microvascular system function.

Inventas has been working closely with ODI Medical develop the physical product, as well as the digital user interface and the service around it. All of it based on thorough user testing, and the foundation of 30 years research from its founder, Professor Knut Kvernebo, from The Oslo University Hospital, Oslo.