PipeMonit® Swarm® erosion and corrosion monitoring tool

Corrosion and erosion is a major cost in the oil and gas and associated industries, and recurrently the reason for accidents and unplanned interruptions. 

PipeMonit® Swarm® from Sensorlink is a high resolution ultrasonic monitoring tool which provides quick response to wall thickness changes in pipelines and vessels.

Its ability to provide fast and accurate wall thickness loss measurements makes the Swarm® a cost-effective tool for real-time feedback of corrosion inhibitor programs.

As the tool can be retrofitted at any time, it can be moved between different locations. It is easily clamped on to new or existing pipelines without special tools. The PipeMonit® tool causes no interference with ongoing pipeline operation.


Wall loss monitoring is important for verification of the assets integrity, optimised corrosion and erosion mitigation and control. Swarm® is designed to be used in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Process, Mining and any other Industries with pipe wall erosion or corrosion problems. 

Its unique design allows for installation on critical areas such as top of welds, heated weld zones, elbows, and T-joints, and the tool substitutes probes and coupons in sour operations.

The Swarm® is rated for Atex Zone 1 and C1 Zone 1 and is built to endure challenging conditions and harsh environment throughout its field life. 

No moving parts means Swarm® is practically maintenance free and there is no need for calibration after installation. Single sensors are replaceable. The entire Swarm® unit can be adjusted or relocated by the operator.