Smart fever thermometer can predict epidemics

How can health authorities be alerted if a possible infectious disease like Ebola or Zika is starting to spread in a rural village?

A new connected temperature meter for fever can help predict severe epidemics, and has the potential to save millions of lives and billions of dollars.

The Norwegian startup company Intermed has developed a temperature measurement system that, after metering, sends information about body temperature and location to a central multinational database.

Fever is something infectious disease has in common. Many cases of high fever in a geographical area may indicate an outbreak is in progress and the system based on artificial intelligence will alert the right bodies to quickly investigate so that appropriate measures can be taken to stop the spread of the disease.

In cooperation with Inventas, Intermed has developed a working prototype and is now looking for investors and partners to test it. Inventas has contributed with concept development, design, construction, electronics and programming.