Staaker, an auto-follow drone

The founders of Staaker had a vision to make better video clips of their skiing trips. The result was a drone that follows and films you automatically as you move down steep mountainsides and breathtaking landscapes. The system consists of a drone and a tracker, both developed in cooperation with Inventas.

Staaker is fast, stable, robust, waterproof and has long flying time. The drone small and foldable, which makes it perfect for taking on a trip. It contains a system that works much like a human camera man, making it exptremely easy to use. It analyzes movements, and see what will happen next. The only thing the user needs to do is to set it on and Staaker will take care of the rest.

Staaker received the DOGA Award for design and Architecture 2017, and the drone has done very well in user tests, including winning the Wired Magazine drone test with a score of 9/10.

Inventas has assisted Staaker with early-stage user studies, design and visualisation of the drone concept, and has also been a partner in the mechanical development. Inventas is also responsible for the design of the tracker.