Subsea snake robot

Eelume has developed a snake robot that will change the maintenance of subsea installations radically.

Biomechatronic robot replicates natural motion hoses, opening access to areas previously unreachable with traditional ROV equipment. With built-in sensors and cameras, and with the ability to connect to various tools, the robot can be used for inspections and simple maintenance tasks. Snake robots can be stationed on subsea fields that can lower the maintenance costs and mobilization time.

A flexible robotic arm without body

The snake robot acts as a robotic arm without body. It has a cross-section of 180 millimeters and is made of modules that allow customizable length according to user’s needs. The biomechatronic structure with flexible joints and thrusters together with the hydrodynamic design allows the robot to navigate smoothly in the water. Eelume has also worked with an intelligent robot model which can navigate and move without remote control. This is an important step towards more autonomous underwater vehicles that do more than just observe.