Sustainable fish farming in closed environments

Together with Inventas, Merdslippen has developed a sustainable solution for closed fish farming that takes care of both fish and humans in a gentle way.

Greenbag is a cost-effective farming alternative that ensures continuous operation, good volume utilization and an efficient growth rate. Greenbag is a closed cage system where clean water is pumped up from the sea depth for a consistent water quality and reduced lice load. Purification technology recreates the fish's natural environment by moving the water countercurrent and cocurrent, and all waste is effectively collected at the bottom of cages which minimizes the environmental impact on the environment.

Inventas has been a strategic partner throughout the entire design process, from concept development of systems and solutions, through to detailed development and construction of the entire plant. The first two cages was put into operation at Hardingsmolt in the summer of 2018.

The Cage Slip has specific plans for further development of Greenbag to include full recycling of water and energy (RAS), as well as developing complete facilities with Greenbags that optimize food fish production from smolt to harvestable fish.