User interface design for autonomous underwater operations

The EU H2020 project SWARMs aims to expand the use of underwater and surface vehicles (AUVs, ROVs, SUVs) so that multiple vehicles can be easily facilitated to work together. Inventas has participated to plan, among other things, an international, user friendly user interface.

To lower the threshold to deploy AUVs, ROVs and SUVs into bigger offshore and autonomous maritime operations, it is important to have unified standards and work methods.

The general approach is to design and develop an integrated platform for a new generation of autonomous maritime and underwater operations, as a set of software/hardware components, adopted and incorporated into the current generation of maritime and underwater vehicles in order to improve autonomy, robustness, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of offshore operations, namely through vehicles cooperation.

SWARMs is an ongoing project, started July 2015 and will end June 2018.