Sporty bicycle trailer from Thor Hushovd

Kid Racer Twin from Thor Hushovd is a well-equipped bicycle trailer and stroller that can easily be placed in the car or in the hallway of the apartment when not in use.

The idea of making his own bike trailer came about when Thor Hushovd discovered that other carts were too wide to pass through a door. His little family lives in an apartment with limited space to store things, so he wanted to make a bicycle trailer that could collapse sideways.

Along with former investor Ole Christian Hole, Hushovd has created Kid Racer Twin, a collapsible pram for cycling and strolling. At Inventas, they found the expertise that could help bring the idea all the way to a finished product. The bicycle trailer is sold today in Thor Hushovd's own online store and at leading bicycle dealers around the country.

Without compromises

The Kid Racer Twin is designed without compromise on quality, safety and comfort. The trolley is designed for good stability and making trails, curbs and poorly paved sidewalks passable.

Only the best has been good enough for Hushovd. The advanced chassis has independent shock absorption with long suspension on both wheels and a swing arm optimised for harmonised movements. Parts such as wheels, tires, disc brakes and seat belts are supplied by the leading manufacturers in the world.

Children-centred design

All children have a snuggle corner, and with Kid Racer Twin it can be brought along. Side panels in semi-rigid EVA foam are designed to allow for better interior space with the same wheelbase and are equipped with large side windows for good views. A double floor and well-padded seats make the kids sit well and warm inside when the weather is cool.

Everything is designed with the best protection in mind. The kids sit securely in padded seats and are secured with five-point seat belts that can be adjusted in height with a single handgrip to fit the child.

Smart folding mechanism

The trolley can be folded up, and folded back in, in seconds. It makes it easy to bring in to store inside, or to put in the car to go for a ride. The collapsible structure consists of a self-locking mechanism. It locks when put under load and thus provides extra security when in use.

About the project

Inventas has contributed throughout the development process, from working out how the idea of a sideways folding mechanism could work and an overall concept could look like, right up to production and market launch.

Together with Thor Hushovd, a large multidisciplinary team of designers and development engineers worked on the project which included:

  • User studies
  • Concept development
  • Product design
  • Virtual prototyping with VR
  • Physical function prototypes
  • User testing
  • Textile construction
  • Mechanical construction
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Design for manufacture
  • Production sourcing
  • Branding and visual profile
  • Packaging design
  • User manuals
  • Website concept