We are looking for an experienced design strategist

We are experiencing an exciting time of changes in many markets. Our design team in Trondheim is looking for an experienced, committed and outgoing design thinker to visualise opportunities, lead and implement design processes.

You will be important part of our design team in Trondheim and will contribute promoting and creating enthusiasm for the use of design methodology with our clients. You will work with product and service development projects in cooperation with our customers and the other professional teams in Inventas. The work tasks include finding project opportunities, developing design strategies, planning processes, doing design research and concept development, as well as ensuring that the design goals are met all the way to the finalised product. 

Our success, in Inventas, is measured in how our clients succeed, whether it is their community assignments, or winning a position in their market with a product or service we have been creating. To contribute to this, you must be ambitious and require a lot of yourself.

We are looking for people who are highly skilled and like to work with demanding issues in human-product interaction. You should have professional experience in running design-based processes, to be confident working with design tools and methods, and have the ability to convey and engage.

At Inventas, you must like collaborating with others, involve colleagues in your tasks, respect them and contribute with your knowledge into others' projects.

The application deadline expired January 2018. Thank you to all the applicants!

Practical info

  • Workplace is based in Trondheim
  • Apply with CV and some words about yourself to adm@inventas.no
  • Mark the application: Senior designer – Trondheim
  • Application deadline was January 2018
  • Questions can be addressed to Jonas Hallberg Eggen, tel: 4110 41055