Do your system speak human?

Human-machine-interaction made easy and effortless through understanding users.

Design for digital interfaces

User experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) for screen based products and services.

More and more products and services are connected to the digital world. The change is happening rapidly and customer experience and end users’ satisfaction need increasingly to be paid attention to.

In Inventas we develop and design digital solutions from light showcase prototypes to heavy industrial user interfaces. We involve both users and experts to build effortless screen experiences.

What we do


We guide you through the process of creating a screen based solution, taking an idea forward, develop a digital strategy and produce content.


Knowing your target group increases the success rate. We help you to get to know your users and the surrounding market space in order to meet the right needs and customer groups.


We take care of the design process, setting up the information architecture and designing the flow and visuals to create the desired product and brand image.


Together with front- and backend developers, we take interactive prototypes to fully functional products.


User testing gives unique information on how your users experience the product and the possibility to correct and improve the solution throughout the process. We have long experience on conducting user studies and processing insights.

Why digital design?

Digital design is all about improving the communication between the system and its users, raising a good product to an excellent one. By communicating in an human way, simplifying and clarifying information, streamlining processes and guiding the user, the use of digital design can improve user understanding and satisfaction, reduce operation time and cost and reduce risks and unwanted happenings.

With the help of UX and UI design your can activate your users to interact, build customer loyalty, meet the existing and emerging market needs and increase your success rate and revenue.