Configuring the chip

Designing embedded systems to control your device

Embedded Software and FPGA development

Inventas provides highly specialised development services within FPGA and Embedded Software in the electronics industry.

With our merger with Bitvis, Inventas has got an extensive expertise with customised design and consulting for the electronics industry. Our team has up to 30 years of experience in this area and will be a perfect partner in all phases of the development.

Through our proven methodology, structured development and our own tools and verification libraries, we guarantee efficient project development with high quality and low risk.


Embedded software

We tailor embedded sytems from low level programming, realtime systems, bare metal application, Linux, develop drivers and customise bootloaders to meet your needs.

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FPGA development

With our recognised methodology for efficient and high-quality development, we design with all the leading FPGA technologies.

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Development tools

To improve the quality and reduce the development time, Inventas is continuously developing our own tools and IP such as our Register Wizard and UVVM - Universal VHDL Verification Methodology.

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Embedded Software

Don´t waste time and energy trying to dig into depth of an operating system. We tailor Embedded Linux, develop drivers and customise bootloaders to meet your needs. We take Real Time requirements seriously.

At Inventas, all our embedded software engineers have long experience with embedded software development. All our engineers have a higher university degree and a solid background in software and electronic engineering. This extensive expertise enables us to see the whole picture from a system perspective in applications where both software and hardware is integrated. Hands on knowledge with in-circuit debugger, oscilloscope and logic analyser provides efficient debugging.

What we do

Development methodology

At Inventas we aim to continuously improve the way we work to achieve the best result possible. We take best practices anchored in years of experience within embedded software development. We know that implementing embedded systems based on modular architecture, single source approach and automated code generation leads to quality software. As a knowledge-based company, we believe in sharing this knowledge with our customers.

Software Architecture and design

A well written customer specification makes a foundation of a well implemented system. The system architecture should reflect the specification and at the same time provide an understandable view of the entire system. It is a joy to implement a well-structured design.

Device driver development

Developing complex device drivers require not only excellent programming skill, but also hands on experience with hardware. Our engineers are eager to hook up an oscilloscope or a logic analyser and make sure that all signals are handled correctly.

Real-time systems

Real-time is all about predictable execution down to the shortest response time requirement. Our top-down design approach allows us to partition a system to extract the timing critical parts and satisfy all.

Skills and knowledge

C Programming

We master all aspects of C, the essential programming language in embedded systems.

C++ Programming

We study C++ in depth to make fully use of its structural approach also in embedded programming.


Yocto is great for custom Linux distros. We know how to put it all together.


Cross-platform GUI applications. We make it scalable and portable.


Python, Perl, Bash, Ruby, Matlab/Simulink. We have skills in a rich portfolio of scripting languages for powerful automation.


Eclipse, Keil, IAR, Microsoft Visual Studio, Labview, Code Composer Studio IDE, SysML, Docker, git, CVS, SVN, ClearCase, Mercurial...


We have experience with Atmel AVR, MSP 430, PIC32, 8051, AD Blackfin, PowerPC and soft cores like Picoblaze, NIOS, MicroBlaze, Leon3.

Operating systems

Linux, FreeRTOS, Google Android, VxWorks, iOS, Windows, TI DSP/BIOS.

Board bring-up

Custom hardware will not run Linux straight out of the box. Let us do the hard work setting up the board with first stage bootloader and u-boot.


Experience with Embedded Linux on Xilinx Zync and Intel Cyclone V. Both platforms provide FPGA and Dual core ARM on the same chip.




We have worked on projects featuring everything from miniature sensors to huge networks of thousands of sensors.

FPGA Development

Inventas, formerly Bitvis, is the leading independent FPGA (field-programmable gate array) - design centre in Norway and Scandinavia - recognized internationally for our methodology for efficient and high-quality development. We design with all the leading FPGA technologies.

There are numerous challenges and pitfalls when designing a complex FPGA. Even though an FPGA is designed using a software like approach, it is extremely important to be aware that this is real hardware. Hence a detailed understanding of Digital design is required for most applications. Our team in Inventas have up to 30 years of experience in this area and will be a perfect partner in all phases of the development.

What we do

Concept and spec.

We collaborate with our customers on concept, features and technology and help them to obtain a good architecture.

Digital design

We do design entry in high level design, platform tools and hardware description languages like VHDL, Verilog and System Verilog.

Synthesis and P&R

We are using all the various tools for synthesis and place and route provided by the manufacturers of the individual technologies.


We make efficient VHDL testbenches and develop our own tools like UVVM. We are also using System Verilog and UVM (typically for ASIC).

Technologies we use

Intel PSG

Former Altera, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel is a manufacturer of programmable FPGAs.


A supplier of programmable logic devices, known for inventing the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) with a fabless manufacturing model.


A manufacturer of semiconductor and system solutions for communications, data centre, defence & security, aerospace and industrial markets.


A manufacturer of programmable logic devices, FPGAs, CPLDs, & SPLDs.

Broad experience

We have been involved in many prestige projects within space, offshore, telecommunications, avionics, radar systems, multimedia devices, industrial applications and healthcare.

The projects range from sensor interface, encryption and error correction to image processing and high-end data communication in applications like in-pipe inspection loggers, seismic survey, professional AV projectors and space applications like the NASA 2020 Rover, Solar Orbiter, Bepi Colombo, MetOp, SES-14 and more.