We would love to see you succeed

Assistance for you to develop your product from idea to success

A greenhouse for innovation

We give you professional support for the development of your idea, and help to make the transition from a good idea to realisation both simple and short.

What we do

Innovation processes

We manage and facilitate innovation processes for all type of businesses looking for new opportunities in existing or new markets

Financial support

We can help writing applications for financial support for various types of development projects.

Entrepreneur arena

Mentoring and supporting start-ups entrepreneurs with Inventas Open

A good place to start

Inventas Open is your starting point, providing mentoring, office space and an inspiring environment

This is Inventas Open

Product development for the first time! Product development for entrepreneurs.

Inventas Open is our arena for entrepreneurs, and at the same time the door to the different proferssional environments in Inventas.

We meet all entrepreneurs with an open door and a free consultation meeting. Here we will help you as an entrepreneur to get an overview of how you can get your idea to go from a napkin idea into a finished product in the market place. From here we assess how we can help you further.

With experience from more than 3000 development projects, we know what it takes to get a product into production. This knowledge, we would like to offer you as an entrepreneur so that you can have a competent partner in your product team.

What we offer

1 hour free consultation

Focus on the challenges that must be resolved for your idea to be manufactured, or the needs that must be uncovered or disproved in order for your idea to succeed in the market place.

We help realise your idea

Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our designers and engineers. We make sure to develop your product so it will be the best solution for the user's needs.

Work with us!

We have office spaces in Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo with access to workshops and 3D printers. This is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to develop their product themselves, but want to be part of a larger product development environment.

Inventas Startup Booster

We offer a free booster pack for selected entrepreneurs annually.