We make your product a reality

Helping you with a design optimised for rational production and with finding a manufacturing partner


Inventas have for more than fifteen years built up thorough knowledge of production technologies, as well as established an extensive manufacturing network.

What we do

Choice of technology

We can help to evaluate and select the right technology and materials based on your needs and requirements.


Inventas’ product developers and engineers can assist with the optimization of components to find the most cost-effective production as possible, without compromising on strength, functionality, shape or quality.

Management and control

We follow up and ensure that you get the best quality and the best price, delivered within agreed deadlines.

Made by us for you

Inventas Fab is your reliable supplier of prototypes, parts and series production

This is Inventas Fab

Inventas Fab AS is your partner within the area of production technology and manufacturing services

We can offer production of single parts to production and assembly of electromechanical components / systems.

– from prototype production to series production
– from machining to moulding of parts
– from one-offs to high volumes

Our client's products range from delicate components for the medical industry to advanced parts for offshore and subsea equipment; all with stringent requirements to material, tolerances and finish.

For any needs within the area of production technology you might have, we can be of assistance. Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer on price and capacity.

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Certified quality management system

Inventas Fab AS is certified according to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 certified

Our services

Thermo forming of plastic

We offer everything from vacuum forming, LP moulding, reaction injection moulding (RIM), fibre moulding, rotational moulding to injection moulding. Parts and components can be delivered mounted together with surface treatment.


We offer custom made profiles, extruded in plastic or aluminium in addition to a wide range of standard profiles.

Metal casting

We offer everything from sand casting, chill - / ingot moulding. Parts and components can be delivered mounted together with surface treatment.

CNC milling / turning

Advanced 3D forms with high tolerance requirements. Milling centres with 3/4/5 axes and turning centres with 3/4 axes (material feeding possible). We have a top modern machine park and highly trained and qualified personnel.

Sheet metal forming

We offer everything from laser cutting, bending, deep drawing, stamping and punching of sheet metal parts. Parts and components can be delivered mounted together with surface treatment.

Steel construction

We offer everything from cutting (also 3D laser cutting), bending, welding of profiles or sheetmetal constructions. Parts and components can be delivered mounted together with surface treatment.

PCB manufacturing

We offer everything from small volume PCB printing and PCB assembly to large volume manufacturing, including cable harness production and assembly of electronics.

Wood production

We offer everything from plywood production to milling of wooden parts. Parts and components can be delivered mounted together with surface treatment.

Rapid prototyping and small series

We offer everything from single rapid prototype technology to small series production using rapid technology. Materials can now simulate real plastic and aluminium and prototypes can achieve almost identical physical qualities as would be expected from a material in serial production.


We offer everything from copying to offset printing and can deliver everything from brochures, newsletters corporate material to books.


From plastic, composites, aluminium, coloured alloys, iron and cast iron, stainless steel and special steels.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment of aluminium (anodizing) and steel (wet or powder paint, galvanizing). We also offer special surface treatment as industrial parts cleaning, metal pre-treatment and electroplating.


We also offer to assemble and deliver ready labelled and packet products in client’s specified packaging if required.


All parts will be packed and labelled according to clients specification.


We cooperate with the major shipping companies all according to clients requirements.

Software and file format

We produce from client’s original 3D models and drawings and can handle a wide range of standard formats. Most convenient is the STEP/STP or IGES/IGS standard for 3D models and PDF or DWG for 2D drawings. For advanced geometry, we would prefer 3D models.


We produce to client’s requirements and within machine capabilities.