Creating the wow

Creating profitable products that evoke confidence and enthusiasm

Design for physical products

A good design creates enthusiasm, interest and a desire to buy, whether it concerns industrial equipment or consumer goods.

Design methodology, user insight, system and market knowledge, contribute to improving and developing comprehensive, user-friendly and attractive solutions

What we do

Design strategy and management

The work leading to a good design starts with the business model and strategic goals.

Design research and insights

A good understanding of user needs and behaviours are the basis for any successful solution.

Visions and design concepts

Translate user needs into solutions, and apply visual work methodology to clarify concepts and visions.


Sustainable product development with respect to economic development, social development and environmental protection.

Interaction design and interfaces

Data structuring, system response and visual design. Onscreen interfaces for various applications and platforms – from online portals and mobile applications, to embedded product solutions.

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Mechanics and structure

If you need help to build a machine, to cut production costs, to optimise material consumption or to realise an invention.

Electronics and robotics

Combining electronic development with mechanical integration to make new products within the fields of embedded design, robotics and integrated products.

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Simulations and analysis

Simulations can reduce insecurity around products characteristics, whether it is related to strength, geometry or thermal and flow characteristics.

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Frequent and rapid prototyping reduces risks and costs in the development process.

Regulatory affairs - compliance and quality assurance

Structuring of processes, development of quality systems, documentation and coordination of projects and involved entities to make sure your product and organisation meet all relevant standards and regualtions.

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Developing large volume and low cost products requires a thorough knowledge of both materials and production technologies.

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