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Simulating, calculating and discovering possibilities beyond your imagination

This is Femlab

Sometimes you need to do the math, because it is simply too expensive to learn by failure.

Inventas Femlab is our department for advanced simulations. Femlab use simulation driven design to optimize products with respect to different parameters. Simulations are also used to verify that a product complies with different design codes and standards.

We simulate flow, cooling, machine dynamics, vibrations, shock and strength. Comosites, polymers and other complex materials are often involved.

We use advanced and recognized software like Abaqus, Nastran and OpenFoam. Sometimes we write code ourselves to solve particular problems.

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Dynamic simulations and fatigue

Static strength calculations

Flow simulations – CFD


Dynamic simulations and fatigue

Inventas simulate different kinds of dynamic loads: Sine sweep, random vibration and shock response, This is relevant for electronics and other equipment subsea, on ships and in space. Such equipment is subjected to rigorous tests before it is approved. By simulations, one can reveal weaknesses in the design at an early stage. We also use dynamic simulations to design ultrasonic equipment.

We also use Abaqus to simulate transient dynamic loads combined with large plastic deformations, like explosion loads and impact loads.

  • Modal simulations: Shock, sine sweep, random noise
  • Transient dynamics: Impact and explosion loads
  • Machine dynamics
  • Fatigue

Structural simulations

Static strength calculations.

Inventas is experienced in structural assessment of cranes, winches, pressure vessels and other structures that need to be approved by classification societies. These project often include ultimate limit load, fatigue load and accidental load calculations of structures in steel, aluminum and composite materials. The picture shows a large A-Frame from NDM Deck Equipment.

  • Limit state calculations of steel and aluminum structures
  • Strength of components in polymer, composite materials and brittle materials


Flow simulations – CFD

Inventas has years of experience in simulating cooling of machines and electronics through natural and forced convection. We also calculate pressure losses, efficiency of pumps, sand erosion and hydrodynamic forces on submerged bodies. We use the OpenFoam software as well as SolidWorks Simulation

  • Cooling of electronics
  • External flow – drag and lift
  • Internal flow – pressure losses and cavitation 
  • Particle tracing. Sand erosion.