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Merging the physical and the digital, exploring the new dimension of things

This is Smartlab

Smartlab is Inventas' department for front-end electronics development.

The world demands smarter products, autonomous solutions and more efficient products and processes. In Smartlab we combine electronic development with core knowledge in mechanical integration and implementation to make new products within the fields of embedded design, robotics and integrated products with a design-based approach.

What we do

  • Idea, concept development and project management

  • Prototyping and verification

  • Development of micro controller based systems

  • Embedded electronics and embedded software

  • PCB layout and manufacturing

  • Analogue and digital sensor systems
  • Image recognition systems
  • Control systems
  • User interface design
  • Robotics, mechatronics, actuators and motors
  • Connectors, integration and encapsulation of electronics