Free design help for ten winners

Inventas invited in the time span of 18th of November to 4th of December inventors around the country, together with good partners, to submit ideas into competition to get free help for idea development together with expert designers and innovators.

The response has been good and this year potential has been especially high, even so that it has been challenging to pick up the top ten.

Here is the list of lucky winners as we wait the opportunity to work with them:

Lykkelig som liten v/Ellen Loxley, Trondheim
Ring Dag AS v/Dag Ringstad, Haram
Anders Eklo (privat), Malvik
Simerjit Dhammi (privat), Bergen
Engskov Emballasje AS v/Lasse Jørgensen, Oslo
Bagid v/Jan Vidar Nalbant, Ålesund
Shellfish Solutions AS v/John Bonardelli, Trondheim
June Kyong Trondsen og Stine Kuhle Hansen (privat), Oslo
Aglaia v/Dennis Lien, Bergen


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