We have moved - to Oslo's new innovation house

Tordenskioldsgate 8-10 is the address for Oslo's most complete design and development environment.

Inventas has moved in together with Acando in the center of Oslo and gathered all our expertise under one roof.

Over three floors are expertise in all disciplines from business strategy and service innovation, industrial design and physical product development, electronics, IoT and data analytics, to user interface design, front and back end programming.

On a new floor

Inventas has moved into the 7th floor where we have got 1200 virgin square meters to play with. 40 employees are in place and more will join us in the time to come.

Here we have set up an electronics lab, an IoT lab and a VR studio, where we and our customers can get demonstrated and tested new technology and solutions. At the moment we are in the process of building a workshop with the capacity to create prototypes, including light machining.

Much to enjoy

Employees can also look forward to a gaming room, and otherwise enjoy the view of the Oslo City Hall and Rådhuskaia.

We welcome you to have a chat, take in the view and have a coffee (it is still insanely good if we are allowed to brag)!