Moelven Modus and Inventas will design the future office solution

Our workday will be undergoing major changes in the coming years. Moelven Modus has signed a cooperation agreement with Inventas for assistance in designing the future office solution.

The contract with Moelven Modus runs until winter 2019 and includes project management, design methodology and product development services where the overall goal is to develop a future-oriented interior design solution for office buildings.

The work is based on a larger mapping of user needs for good workplaces in the next 3-5 years, which was completed in 2017 and Inventas, together with internal resources at Moelven Modus, will participate and contribute from the idea stage. Activities such as concept development, user testing, prototyping, implementation in production, documentation and marketing materials will be conducted until launch next winter. Much of the work is carried out by Moelven Modus own resources, but Inventas will participate and support throughout the process.

Moelven Mode is the leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible space solutions for commercial buildings, has 489 employees and a turnover of approximately 767 million.

Image: Svein Erik Berntzen, Head of New Development, Moelven Modus (left), Petter Arlehed, Department Manager, Inventas and Martin Aune, Project Manager, Moelven Modus.