Hvordan velge riktig IoT kommunikasjonsteknologi?

Det finnes mange kommunikasjonsteknologier for IoT. Alle har styrker og svakheter og du trenger å vite hva bør ta hensyn til når du skal velge løsning for ditt prosjekt. Albert Skog fra Inventas vil fortelle om våre erfaringer i utviklingen av fysiske produkter.


1. Majid Hajian, Developer Relations Manager @Futurehome (our sponsor for this event)

- Title: Hardware connectivity on the progressive web

- The browsers can actually take control of physical devices in the real world like lightbulbs, robots, printers, NFC tags, toys, and even drones by providing new web standard hardware connectivity APIs such as WebBluetooth, WebUSB, WebNFC and etc.

On the other hand, Progressive web apps open a new era to build a web application that works offline and resemble a native application. Hence, every day we are getting closer to run web apps only on browsers that don't need to be installed from any app store and it will take control of hardware around us.

In this session, I am going through some of the web capabilities to connect devices into a progressive web app and show how the web could go beyond the browsers and take control of our devices around us.

2. Peder Rand, engineer @ Nordic Semiconductor

- Title: Low power IoT from anywhere

- LTE-M and NB-IoT enables low complexity and low power end-nodes that stay continuously connected to the internet through the ubiquitous LTE/4G cellular network. Mobile trackers and static sensors can be deployed with a battery that will last a decade and provide data to the cloud from anywhere without deploying a new infrastructure of gateways.

Topics covered:

LTE-M and NB-IoT technology basics

Low power end-node hardware block diagram

Suitable transport and application protocols

Security for an internet connected device – network authentication with (e)SIM and cloud credentials

The importance of edge computing in a cellular network

3. Albert Skog, Design Engineer at Inventas

- Title: Cellular IoT from a hardware perspective

- More and more vendors are bringing NB-IoT and LTE-M compatible modems to the market. Let’s have a look at a few to see how they work and talk about what aspects you might want to consider when putting together the hardware for a cellular IoT project.

4. Frode Stensaa, CEO @ 7Sense

Title: Experiences in choosing communications technologies for battery operated sensor systems

Topics covered:

7Sense og Frode Stensaa has for the last 10 years developed IoT products and will share experinces, do’s and dont’s from development and introduction of battery operated sensor systems.

What strategy does does 7Sense have for choosing communications technologies for sensor information to be delivered to cloud services?

7Sense will share examples of products recently developed based on NB-IoT, CAT-M1 and ISM.


Food and drinks will be served at 17:30. The talks will begin at 18:00.

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